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You do not understand how excited I was when I came across this blog. Another crazy dog lover, like myself! This blog is about Christine and her furry friend, Miles. They blog about some fantastic things, both for dogs and their owners. If you're in love with your dog as much as I am, as well as Christine, then head over to Miles to Styles and check out some of their great stuff!

An example of what you might find on her blog


Pretty Prints

via unknown source

I love this print so much. It needs to find it's way to my bedroom wall, stat. 


Not So Neutral

via The Glitter Guide

Swoooooon. I've been into blouses lately, mainly because they've so versatile. I love the neutral palate of this outfit but it completely pops with that embellished peter pan collar necklace.


60 Minutes with Adele

Can Adele and I just be best friends already? She is me and I am her, minus the british accent but I'll gladly develop one of those ("fank you"). This 60 Minutes interview is so great and refreshing - people can finally see how real Adele truly is! Alvi & I have been obsessed with Adele since the first time we heard Chasing Pavements years ago.

Nautical Nails

What do you think of these nautical-inspired nails via The Beauty Department



Genius. Sometimes we all have days like this...

Peachy Keen

How gorgeous are these outfits from Humanoid? I want every single piece especially that skirt! Peaches, coral, oranges.... perfect for the spring.


Rachel Bilson for Shoemint

Two things I absolutely adore: shoes & Rachel Bilson! I was so happy when I saw that she was collaborating with Nicole Chavez and Shoemint to design some amazing footwear. Rachel has such a fun style and I'm smitten with the shoes that I've seen already. Check out the behind the scenes video below (& try and tell me it doesn't make you want to become a shoe designer) & then head over to Shoemint before 2/29 and get 20% off your first pair by using discount code: BEAUTY20*


* check out The Beauty Department for more details 


How To Make a Lipstick Palette

When I came across this by Crafty Mood forever ago while stumbling on Stumble Upon, I just about died. I'm a lipstick fanatic and I have so many tubes of lipstick that are either worn down, without covers, or simply have seen better days. This is a creative way to puts all of those shades into one palette. Go check out her original post for a tutorial on how to make one. Perfect for yourself, even better as a gift. 


Revamp Your Office Wardrobe

Ever find yourself wearing black day after day? It's easy, slimming, and SO boring. I'm so happy to see that colors are starting to find their way back into people's wardrobes because I sure missed it. At work, it's hard to wear professional attire that show your quirky personality. The best way to do this is by buying basic, classic pieces that can be worn and worn again. All you need to do is accessorize with your own personal touch, such as a bright statement necklace over that chiffon blouse.

blush blazer is a change of pace from the typical black
chiffon blouse can be worn in many ways
navy trousers are classic and step away from the boring black
classic tote is timeless and can be used with most outfits
bright pumps bring life to an otherwise drab outfit
tweed skirt is sexy, yet professional


Spring Trends by Topshop

Are you sick of me talking about spring trends and colorful wardrobes yet? I can't stop talking about how excited I am for some new trends and styles. Topshop is a place I often find myself "online window shopping" at. They have some of the cutest clothes on earth. I was happy to see that they've starting to bring out some of their spring clothing. I'm usually not a neon person, but I think I can dig it this year. What are you most excited for?

Yellow Pleated Calf Skirt, $48
JASPER Slingback Brogues, $65
Betty Bloom Hourglass Dress, $36
Aztec Print Leggings, $20
MOTO Coral Hotpants, $22
Tall MOTO Cloud Leigh Jeans, $38


Kiss Me

Happy Valentine's Day, lovers :)

"But there is something in the way laugh that makes me feel like a child. Aspects of life, they confuse me. You and your thesis amuse me. After an afternoon with you and your rich brown eyes. Your lips and dark hair, elbows and exposed knees tossing towards the ceiling. After an afternoon..."

After an Afternoon by Jason Mraz

Day 14: The Story of Us Part 2


All summer long, Alvi and I remained close friends but we couldn't hide the fact that it was slightly awkward now. He and our entire friend group were aware of my feelings. I started to question my choice of  telling him. In fact, telling him did exactly what we were scared would happen: it started to tear us apart. Alvi had never been the type to have a girlfriend and I think the thought of it really freaked him out. He started to distance himself because he didn't want to hurt my feelings. I started to distance myself because it was hard to be around him when I thought that he "didn't want to be with me". It was tough, really tough. I thought for sure that I just ruined one of the best friendships I had ever had. 

Finally, in August, while spending the weekend at a friend's cabin up north Alvi and I had a very serious and necessary talk. He admitted to me his fears and why he had been acting so different. I completely understood and told him that no matter what my heart might be feeling at that moment that it will never affect our friendship. I told him that eventually my feelings would fade and we would be back to normal. It definitely helped to get us back to where we were before. Now that we were back at school (in separate cities), we continued on as if nothing had happened. We talked on the phone, visited each other, blah blah blah.

Now fast forward the entire semester to Christmas Break. A group of us spent an entire week at a friend's cabin for New Years Eve. By now, Alvi and I no longer had weird tension between us. In fact, I felt like somehow our friendship was even stronger! One night, we were enjoying some adult beverages and he spilled his heart out. I won't go into big detail but basically the talk was about how he felt the same feelings I had but was too scared to admit it. Not wanting to ruin our friendship, he had been hiding his feelings this entire time. Honestly, I was upset by this. I had been embarrassingly wearing my heart on my sleeve for over 6 months, thinking that I was alone in this. I told him that I needed to continue focusing on myself and maybe we really weren't meant to be at all.

Well, long story short, we couldn't avoid what our hearts were telling us. From that moment on we were together 24/7 and a month later, we were official. BEST. DECISION. OF. MY. LIFE. We've been happily in love now for 3 years. I know in my heart that Alvi and I are, and always were, meant to be together. I would be nowhere without him. He has been my rock through so many hardships and I owe him a lifetime of thank-yous because of it. I now know what people mean when they say "you'll know when you're really in love." I thought I "loved" all of my exes.. but now? this relationship? THIS is true, unconditional love. This is what people search their entire life for and I'm lucky enough to have found it early. I will never, ever, ever let him slip away. I'm so happy that I took the chance to admit my feelings to him back in freshman year. Had I never done that? I wouldn't know what it's like to be this happy.

Day 14: The Story Of Us Part 1

Happy Valentine's Day, love bugs! Today is a slightly sad day because this is the conclusion to our 14 Days of Love feature. It's been so much fun sharing all love-related posts with you guys. I just want to thank anyone who participated in this feature, as well as all of you readers :) I hope you enjoyed at least some of the information I threw atchya.

Today's post is supposed to be about my plans for Valentine's Day. Unfortunately, Alvi and I are currently in a long-distance relationship. Being that today is a Tuesday, we are unable to make it work for some Valentine's loving. School is much more important! SO, instead I thought I would share with you guys a little bit about us.
WE LOOK LIKE BABIES! (we pretty much were babies)

Alvi and I met while we were both attending separate junior highs in the same city. We had mutual friends and would often see each other on the weekend or at school events, such as football games. It wasn't until high school when both junior highs combined that our friendship really... flourished. We instantly became best friends. He would be the guy I would call when I needed advice and vice versa. We were such good friends that the thought of a relationship never really crossed my mind. I was always with a boyfriend and he was also that "I'm never getting girlfriend or married" friend.

During our senior year of high school and into freshman year of college, I found myself in a relationship that was slowly becoming very toxic. I was constantly getting my heart stomped on and it was Alvi who was there for me through it all. To be honest, I talked to Alvi so much that my girlfriends in college actually thought I was dating him instead of my boyfriend at the time. Once that relationship ended that fall, I told myself that I was going to be boyfriend- free for awhile. After being used, cheated on, and losing all of my trust and confidence, I vowed to focus on myself and no one else.

Alvi and I continued to talk on a weekly-basis and I even went to go visit him at college a few times. That spring break I was sitting poolside in Orlanda, Florida (rough life) reflecting back on my choices, mistakes, and regrets about past relationships. And it hit me: it's always been Alvi. How could I have been so blind? This amazing man right in front of me was exactly what/who I've been looking for. But, since I didn't want to get caught up in another relationship (or ruin my extremely close friendship with Alvi) I pushed it to the back of my mind.

Before I knew it, my feelings (and Alv) were ALL I could think about. So, impulsively, I contacted one of our mutual friends (who has also been Alvi's best friend since childhood). I told him that I thought I was falling for Alvi and his exact response was "Well, duh. We've been waiting for this to happen." WHAT? I was seriously so oblivious to the fact that our entire friend group thought that Alvi and I were eventually going to end up together.

I couldn't ignore this... I HAD to tell Alvi how I felt. I finally mustered up the courage after a couple days and spilled my heart out to him. His response was.... not what I was looking for. Naturally, he was worried about it ruining our friendship. We were such good friends that if "we" didn't work out both of us would be lost without each other. I, although sad and disappointed, agreed with him and dropped it.

But, my feelings never changed.



heather line

Day 11: Love Quotes

I could spend all day quoting love song and quotes. There are so many good ones that can relate to all different memories and moments. The above quote is a lyrics from Atmosphere. It's a lyrics that I've allllllways loved. Have you ever been so infatuated with someone that you could just sit there and stare at their beautiful face? Been there.

This next quote is another favorite of mine from Dr. Seuss. I love this quote because it is SO true. I'm a self-proclaimed weird-o and there's no way I could be with someone who doesn't accept this about me. It's a definite plus if their weirdness compliments mine. (Do I sound crazy or do you feel the same way?) It's so nice being able to be so comfortable around them that you don't have to hide these quirky qualities about yourself.

All of the above were made by myself. What are some of your favorites quotes or lyrics?


Day 10: Valentine's Card Ideas

What would Valentine's Day be without hand-made cards filled with love? Remember when we were younger and we got to decorate a shoe box and then pass out valentine's? Ah, those were the glory days. I always had SO much fun decorating my shoebox and now I have even more fun making cards for all of my loved ones. I'm constantly looking for new and creative ways to make cards and my jaw literally dropped when I saw those beautiful cards made with paint strips! AH, someone was using the right side of their brain that day. 

sources: Paper Source and  Pinterest

More to inspire you:


jessica line


Day 8: Baked Egg Boats

Today's post is about what to eat for Valentine's Day. To be honest, I have only had ONE Valentine's Day where I went out on the town for dinner. It's usually such a hassle to make reservations and then find parking in the crazy-busy city. Valentine's Day usually to me means making a unique meal for my man and I to enjoy. I typically pick a recipe that I wouldn't make an any ol' day. I mean, it's a special day so why not get a little creative? Last year, I made Alvi and I mini meatball subs. Another year I made apple stuffed chicken. This year I'm thinking, BREAKFAST FOR DINNER. Because, who doesn't love breakfast for dinner?
I came across this recipe while searching Pinterest. My mouth immediately starting drooling. How fantastic (and cute) do these little Egg Boats look? Come to momma.

Now, of course, these would also be so perfect to make and surprise your man with breakfast in bed. That is, if you're able to wake up early enough (not this girl). 


Check out the recipe and more from Spoon Fork Bacon, a fantastic blog for foodies of all kinds. 
What are your eating plans for Valentine's Day? Dinner in the city or at home cooking?

More Inspiration:


Day 7: Love Songs

There are so many great love songs out there. It's so hard to pick just one all-time favorite. There is one song, though, that is very dear to my heart. That is Groovin' Slowly by John Butler Trio. Alvi got me into JBT before we started dating and we decided that it was very fitting to have this as "our song". We even saw him in concert in Denver, Colorado! It's cute, it's funky, it's ours... so to me it's perfect.

What are some of your favorite love songs? Do you and your significant other have a song?
Maybe some of these songs will spark the love inside:

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Day 6: The Perfect Makeup

 Valentine's Day means that winter is soon coming to an end and spring is just around the corner. Unfortunately, those of us in the midwest are painfully pale. So pale, most of us avoid mirrors and cameras. One thing I love to do with my makeup is magically fake a summertime glow. The way I achieve this is by using makeup that has a hint of shimmer - just a hint though, don't want to look like a 13 year old girl who just discovered makeup and glitter. Also, I focus most of my time and energy on my CHEEKS.
1. I start off with a face primer. I cover my entire face with this.
2. Use this Liquid foundation with a foundation brush for a flawless finish. 
3. If you like a lot of color on my cheeks, swipe this NARS blush on the apples of your cheeks.
4. Big Lash make your eyes pop
5. I use this Shimmer Facial Whip on my cheeks. I start at the apples and swoop in an upward motion towards my temples. I use a foundation brush, because it has that texture. 
6. This Tarte eyeliner gives you that perfect smoldering look. For something new and unexpected? Use this eyeliner in "Navy" instead of traditional "Black".
7. I use this Golden Bronzer which mixes the perfect combination of colors and shimmer. It finishes off my look giving me a perfect glow. I make a "T" down my face with this bronzer and make one quick swipe on my cheeks. 
8. MAC's eyeshadow in taupe is a great color on all skin tones. 

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