Day 8: Baked Egg Boats

Today's post is about what to eat for Valentine's Day. To be honest, I have only had ONE Valentine's Day where I went out on the town for dinner. It's usually such a hassle to make reservations and then find parking in the crazy-busy city. Valentine's Day usually to me means making a unique meal for my man and I to enjoy. I typically pick a recipe that I wouldn't make an any ol' day. I mean, it's a special day so why not get a little creative? Last year, I made Alvi and I mini meatball subs. Another year I made apple stuffed chicken. This year I'm thinking, BREAKFAST FOR DINNER. Because, who doesn't love breakfast for dinner?
I came across this recipe while searching Pinterest. My mouth immediately starting drooling. How fantastic (and cute) do these little Egg Boats look? Come to momma.

Now, of course, these would also be so perfect to make and surprise your man with breakfast in bed. That is, if you're able to wake up early enough (not this girl). 


Check out the recipe and more from Spoon Fork Bacon, a fantastic blog for foodies of all kinds. 
What are your eating plans for Valentine's Day? Dinner in the city or at home cooking?

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