Day 14: The Story Of Us Part 1

Happy Valentine's Day, love bugs! Today is a slightly sad day because this is the conclusion to our 14 Days of Love feature. It's been so much fun sharing all love-related posts with you guys. I just want to thank anyone who participated in this feature, as well as all of you readers :) I hope you enjoyed at least some of the information I threw atchya.

Today's post is supposed to be about my plans for Valentine's Day. Unfortunately, Alvi and I are currently in a long-distance relationship. Being that today is a Tuesday, we are unable to make it work for some Valentine's loving. School is much more important! SO, instead I thought I would share with you guys a little bit about us.
WE LOOK LIKE BABIES! (we pretty much were babies)

Alvi and I met while we were both attending separate junior highs in the same city. We had mutual friends and would often see each other on the weekend or at school events, such as football games. It wasn't until high school when both junior highs combined that our friendship really... flourished. We instantly became best friends. He would be the guy I would call when I needed advice and vice versa. We were such good friends that the thought of a relationship never really crossed my mind. I was always with a boyfriend and he was also that "I'm never getting girlfriend or married" friend.

During our senior year of high school and into freshman year of college, I found myself in a relationship that was slowly becoming very toxic. I was constantly getting my heart stomped on and it was Alvi who was there for me through it all. To be honest, I talked to Alvi so much that my girlfriends in college actually thought I was dating him instead of my boyfriend at the time. Once that relationship ended that fall, I told myself that I was going to be boyfriend- free for awhile. After being used, cheated on, and losing all of my trust and confidence, I vowed to focus on myself and no one else.

Alvi and I continued to talk on a weekly-basis and I even went to go visit him at college a few times. That spring break I was sitting poolside in Orlanda, Florida (rough life) reflecting back on my choices, mistakes, and regrets about past relationships. And it hit me: it's always been Alvi. How could I have been so blind? This amazing man right in front of me was exactly what/who I've been looking for. But, since I didn't want to get caught up in another relationship (or ruin my extremely close friendship with Alvi) I pushed it to the back of my mind.

Before I knew it, my feelings (and Alv) were ALL I could think about. So, impulsively, I contacted one of our mutual friends (who has also been Alvi's best friend since childhood). I told him that I thought I was falling for Alvi and his exact response was "Well, duh. We've been waiting for this to happen." WHAT? I was seriously so oblivious to the fact that our entire friend group thought that Alvi and I were eventually going to end up together.

I couldn't ignore this... I HAD to tell Alvi how I felt. I finally mustered up the courage after a couple days and spilled my heart out to him. His response was.... not what I was looking for. Naturally, he was worried about it ruining our friendship. We were such good friends that if "we" didn't work out both of us would be lost without each other. I, although sad and disappointed, agreed with him and dropped it.

But, my feelings never changed.


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