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Wear Now and Later



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Calli pt. 2

Here are some more photos from the little photo shoot we had. There is a plus-side to living in Mankato - the GREAT roads.
We put feathers in our friend's hair. Aren't they awesome?

personal favorite. (picture and road)

No guitars were harmed in the making of this photo.




Sneak Peek: Calli

Today was a beautiful.... and steamy day in Minnesota. One of my greatest friends who happens to be drop-dead gorgeous was willing to brave the muggy weather for a little photoshoot this evening. Here are a few pictures from it.

Isn't she amazing? Don't you worry, there are PLENTY more to come :)




Charliestella.blogspot.com by stellaandcharlie on Polyvore.com

I'm obsessed with Polyvore :)

Street Joy

5 Things: 4th of July Edition

Here are 5 things I did over this year's 4th of July. I know, a little late.
At my cabin in Western Minnesota
This is my cousin Vinnie and his gf Britni

RSVP: Wedding

Fat Burning and Muscle Sculpting Exercises: Shape Magazine

Fat Burning and Muscle Sculpting Exercises: Shape Magazine

Fat Burning and Muscle Sculpting Exercises: Shape Magazine by stellaandcharlie on Polyvore.com

It is definitely the dog-days of summer here in Minnesota. My Tuesday workout routine usually consists of outdoor activities but considering I can barely walk to the car without passing out in the heat I had to switch things around. This Exercise is from Shape Magazine and part of their Bikini Body Countdown.So, this is what I'll be doing today! Unfortunately, I'll be doing it in my small bedroom while my dog looks at me like I'm a fool. That beach sure looks nice, though.


RSVP: Lunch with His Mom

Mischief Managed

So, you might have noticed by now my love for Harry Potter. Yeah, I'm a self proclaimed nerd but can you blame me? It's a phenomenon for a reason! I learned life lessons, I laughed, I cried, I swooned over Rupert Grint, Tom Felton, and Matthew Lewis.

This past Thursday was the midnight premiere and OF COURSE I went. Midnight premieres are always hectic and stressful because of all the little teeny-boppers cheering at every scene and sobbing through out the entire movie. Now don't get me wrong I WANT to be sobbing and cheering right along with them but I keep my cool.

Anyways, they passed out awesome 3D glasses that looked like Harry's. I died.... and then I snapped a quick pic to show you guys. Here is my friend, Max. You can also see them in a previous post here. You're green with jealous rage, I know.

Mixtape: Love Edition

    Some of my favorites
1. Paul McCartney - Maybe I'm Amazed
2. Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros - Home
3. Ben Harper - By My Side
4. The Beatles - Don't Let Me Down
5. Zero 7 - Destiny
6. M. Ward - Never Had No Body Like You
7. Lissie - Little Lovin'
8. John Butler Trio - Groovin' Slowly *
9. Adele - Make You Feel My Love
10. G. Love ft. Tristan Prettyman - Beautiful

* This is actually "our song" :) (by "our" I obviously mean Alvi and I)

What's In My Bag?

Here's a little look inside my current purse.
1. Hand Sanitizer, of course.
2.Orbit Spearmint Gum. My all time favorite.
3. Favorite summer lipstick: e.l.f.'s Essential Lipstick in Seductive
4. Lotion from my current perfume: Gucci Flora
5. Blackberry
6. Perfect for summer nights can be bought here
7. Currently on a hunt for the perfect wallet. Until then, I'm using this clutch which can be purchased here
8. Ralph Lauren Sunglasses
9. Harry Potter 3D sunglasses from the premiere on Thursday :)
10. Car keys. on them: breast cancer ribbon, Lucky Key Chain, Anytime Fitness key
11. A worn-out, but summer favorite Jessica Simpson bag

Pumped Up Kicks

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