Day 6: The Perfect Makeup

 Valentine's Day means that winter is soon coming to an end and spring is just around the corner. Unfortunately, those of us in the midwest are painfully pale. So pale, most of us avoid mirrors and cameras. One thing I love to do with my makeup is magically fake a summertime glow. The way I achieve this is by using makeup that has a hint of shimmer - just a hint though, don't want to look like a 13 year old girl who just discovered makeup and glitter. Also, I focus most of my time and energy on my CHEEKS.
1. I start off with a face primer. I cover my entire face with this.
2. Use this Liquid foundation with a foundation brush for a flawless finish. 
3. If you like a lot of color on my cheeks, swipe this NARS blush on the apples of your cheeks.
4. Big Lash make your eyes pop
5. I use this Shimmer Facial Whip on my cheeks. I start at the apples and swoop in an upward motion towards my temples. I use a foundation brush, because it has that texture. 
6. This Tarte eyeliner gives you that perfect smoldering look. For something new and unexpected? Use this eyeliner in "Navy" instead of traditional "Black".
7. I use this Golden Bronzer which mixes the perfect combination of colors and shimmer. It finishes off my look giving me a perfect glow. I make a "T" down my face with this bronzer and make one quick swipe on my cheeks. 
8. MAC's eyeshadow in taupe is a great color on all skin tones. 

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