memories of august

Ms. Calli and I went out to take a some photos back in August. Here some favorites of mine. I love getting out there and behind the camera but I really need to invest in a better camera and more than just the free trial of Photoshop. The life of a broke college grad is not a fabulous one. 
A girl can dream, though......


forever fall

trail in my neighborhood

picking baby pumpkins

my friend's grandpa is so cute on his tractor

raspberry picking. Had to use the pick one, eat one method. 

Alvi carrying our pepers we picked

beautiful fall trees

another walk with Boyd in our neighborhood

Just thought I'd share some of my Instagrams to show you how I've been spending the beautiful fall weather this year. The grandparents of one of my greatest friends, Tom, own a farm here in Woodbury. They needed help picking pumpkins and other produce that they sell at local farmer's markets. So, obviously Alvi & I jumped at the opportunity. A big group of us gathered at the farm and picked pumpkins, gourds, raspberries, peppers, tomatoes, and apples. It was great and we were able to go home with a trunk full of goodies. 
Boyd and I have also been enjoying our walks, lately. Wish the trees stayed like this forever.  




Mumford released their new album Babel just in time for fall. Their music is perfect for the chilly weather and beautiful scenery. Yesterday I was on a walk with Boyd at one of our favorite parks in Woodbury. I was listening to my music on shuffle and Mumford's cover of Simon & Garfunkel's The Boxer came on while I watched the sunset. Couldn't have been more perfect. Actually, no I take that back. It would have been perfect if Alv was there with us :)


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