How amazing is this? Would you guess that it's as simple as ink in water? SO beautiful.

Have a fantastic weekend, everyone :)

DIY Jersey Weave Sweatshirt

I always love finding DIYs that help me update my closet without breaking the bank. I'm all about repurposing my clothes! I came across this DIY thanks to Pinterest and instantly threw it on my to-do list. Head on over to The Forge Style and see how she does it.



Wouldn't this be nice? I've been DYING to go on vacation. Feeling the hot sand below my feet, finally finishing a book (I struggle with that), getting some color on my skin, falling asleep to the sound of the waves clapping.....

Ok, now I'm depressed. Someone get me out of here and onto a beach, pronto.

March an in Instant

March really flew by! I cannot believe that it's almost April.... when did this happen? I feel like I'm not prepared for spring yet. But then again, what is there to prepare for? I love spring for so many reasons: spring cleaning, colorful clothes, flowers, warmer weather, my birthday... and most importantly, it means that summer is right around the corner! 

1 Alv and I were able to enjoy our favorite view for the first time this spring
2 The beautiful view from Tom & Will's front porch. 
3 My new lunchbox. They're technically for kids but I couldn't resist! Get one for yourself at Goodbyn
4 Talking a walk with my boys
5 Why I love Minnesota
6 We went to visit the Falls in Mankato
7 How we celebrated St. Patrick's Day
8 The boys enjoying the view in Hudson, Wi
9 My favorite spot in Woodbury
10 Enjoying a pretty spring day at the St. Croix River, the border between MN and WI
11 Boyd napped all month long
12 Beautiful day spent on Sweeney's back porch for St. Pattys


color me mine


Loving all the colors and patterns. Looks so effortless.

Wide Open Spaces

No matter how hard I try, my closet is always a hot mess. Mainly because of the small space I'm working with. When I buy my own house, the first thing I'll look for is closet size. I know, so cliche and Carrie Bradshaw of me but I've struggled with a small closet long enough! Life would be so much easier if I could see all of my clothes hanging nicely. I had closet envy when I saw this picture above along with a helpful article sharing 7 tips for organizing your closet.

Also check out their article about spring cleaning your wardrobe.


creating my happiness

I've been having to remind myself of this a lot lately. I have such a restless spirit that whenever things start to get "old" and routine for me, I try everything in my power to change it. But sometimes, these things cannot be changed. I have so many dreams and aspirations and I sometimes feel like I'm stuck in neutral. Things take time, though, and I really need to just take each day as it comes and treat it like it's my last.

Office Chic with Cameo PR

I was taking a gander over at The Glitter Gide when I was reading this article about the amazing office of Malorie Kaye of Cameo PR. Its so glamorous and I love her use of color. My favorite would be the way that she used accessories as decor and art throughout the room. 

“Since childhood, I’ve justified investing in accessories by explaining that fashion is art. Nothing proves this more true than these hot pink, petal-adorned Louboutin heels and a hand-painted, one-of-a-kind clutch from LaLucca! They’re just as fabulous as décor as they are completing my outfits.”
via The Glitter Guide interview


Etsy Favorite: The Wheatfield

Life has been crazy busy lately. I started new hours at work so I have no time to do anything fun. I'm finally able to use Alv's computer so I thought I would work on some posts while I have the time. I haven't shared with you some of my Etsy favorites in a long time. I can always count on Etsy to inspire me. I love looking at the lovely designs of Katie Daisy over at her shop The Wheatfield. They're so adorable and rustic - perfect for decorating the cabin up north.

You know what else is cool about her? She designed the new design over at Under The Sycamore, a favorite blog of mine. Go check out her work!


Style Obsession: Kendi Everyday

To say that I'm obsessed with Kendi Everyday would be an understatement. If it were possible, and not creepy at all, I would somehow make her my best friend. She has the best style and is so funny. I enjoy every post of hers. Lately, I've noticed that she's been indulging (she thinks a little too much, I vote not enough) in the new trend of colored jeans. I love how she's not afraid to mix colors and prints. 

Check out her blog and trust me, you will not regret it. 


pick pastels for date night

Pastels are back this spring! If you're too afraid to wear an entire outfit of these candy colors, then simply wear one item: a pair of mint skinnys or a sheer pink blouse. The above outfit would be an ideal date dress for me. 


Makeup How-to: Bold

dress: anthropology

Sometimes people find it challenging to dress up a nude outfit, whether it's a dress or not. Is it because people are afraid that bold jewelry will look too costume-y? Either way, whenever I'm wearing something nude and I don't feel like piling on a bunch of accessories, I let my makeup do all of the work. My go-to is a bright lip but sometimes just a classic smokey eye, or colored shadow can do the trick. I let this be my chance to play around with some colors I may not have used before, or wear very rarely. Have fun with your makeup. As long as you wear it with confidence, anything goes :)


Spring Break Ready pt 4

We're #1!

This poster speaks nothing but the truth, which is probably why the Twin Cities was named the #1 Bike Friendly City by Bicycling.com. We have over 120 bike trails and each one has great views, whether it's of a picturesque lake, the skyline of one of the major cities, or a lush forest. In the area? Hop on your own two wheels, or check out a bike tour around the city. You (and your heart) won't be upset you did. 


Spring Fashion with Threadsence

Leave it to Threadsence to make me wish I had endless amount of money. Spring time means colors, prints, and bare legs. Change things up this year: instead of denim shorts, play up your girly side with scalloped lace shorts. Instead of a short bandage skirt, rock an asymmetrical skirt, that's just as sexy and shows just enough leg. Don't be afraid to mix prints and colors. Fashion is all about experimenting! 

chiffon top, $38
lace shorts, $33
wedges, $44
high-wasited asymmetrical skirt, $36
statement necklace, $24


Nasty Gal Wishlist

I could easily blow a million dollars in under 5 minutes over at Nasty Gal. Sometimes I imagine I have the bank account of someone like Kim Kardashion (booty, too) and pretend that it wouldn't be life-shattering if I spent over $100. Yeah, I know I'm cheap. I'm a recent college graduate living in my parent's basement... you think I have such luxuries? So anyway,  I thought I would share with you guys some items that are on my wish list. The two main things that NEED to be in my life are both items of jewelry: lipstick earrings are like my equivalent of old ladies' christmas earrings & that zodiac bracelet. Both things I'm obsessed with: lipstick and astrology. Nasty Gal, you know me.

February in an Instant

I may have been without a computer all month, but I have had my handy-dandy iPhone to capture some moments. February is always a great month: Valentine's, our anniversary, and spring is right around the corner. I've had a lot of new beginnings this month, which was very exciting. I'm anxious to see how the rest of 2012 goes. 

one boyd posing for a picture 
two we went to a Prof concert earlier in the month. As you can see, we were extremely close.
three boyd and I went to Indian Mounds Park, our favorite park which has fantastic views of St. Paul
four boyd and I on a walk
five had a small edamame obsession
six bought some new turquoise jewelry at Charming Charlie
seven made some hearty beef strew during the colder days
eight My cousin Vinnie (no, seriously) and his girl, Britni - we had dinner
nine Graduation celebration dinner at Mancini's, a fantastic restaurant in St. Paul. *
ten Currently obsessed with Crystal Light Mojito
eleven We had a going away party for our great friend, Max. He moved to Michigan for a new job at Chrystler! We're so proud of him
twelve I attended my first Timberwolves game

* fun fact: our great Aunt Mary Jane is a Mancini! We get spoiled there :)

* also, just noticed I never numbered a picture up there. It's the pair of TOMS. I've been working adding some lace to a plain pair of navy.


Spring Break Ready pt 2

Do's of Menswear

Why do I not come across great-dressing gentlemen like the ones above? Is it because in Minnesota we wear our "nice sweatpants" out to run errands, or even (lord help us) to the bars. Ladies, you're guilty of this, too! Men, take notes... and maybe stop wearing the same basketball camp t-shirt from 7th grade. 


For The Home: Spring Accessories

It's been pretty apparent I've been anxiously waiting for springs arrival. Yeah, it may be March but the ground is still covered with sloshy, messy snow. (The worst kind...) So in my eyes, it's still winter. I've had spring fever for a while when it comes to my closet, but I can't forget to give the house some attention! If I didn't live in my parent's cold basement, I would definitely purchase some of the above items to liven-up any room in the house. 

one these  Sissinghust Castle plates are almost too pretty to eat off of. Only $14-24.00 at Anthropologie
two take advice from some motivational wall art, $45
three this Carnaby Talitha vace is fun, whether empty of full of droopy tulips, $68
four I'm obsessed with these antique tins, $35
five this rug would be the perfect center piece of any room, $165.00
six Trade out your pillows for these fun rose pillows, $32.95


Organize Your Jewelry

Naturally, I was excited to see this post, Creative Ways to Display Your Jewelry over at All Women Stalk. I've always been into jewelry displays. When I was younger it was one of those plastic holders from Claire's , probably in the shape of a butterfly and full of glitter (that, of course, would shed(?) all over my room). As I aged, I started to get a little more creative: doorknobs, cork boards, etc. My latest favorite: using my grandma's hand painted porcelain plates and my favorite bowls from Anthropologie

How do you guys organize your jewelry?


Work Wear + Apologies

Life has been pretty crazy for me lately. I started a new full-time job two weeks ago (that I LOVE) which has taken up a lot of my time. When I'm not working I'm sleeping or with Alvi which leaves little to no time for blogging. (A blessing and a curse) The other thing is, even if there was time I'm computer-less! My laptop has been around for quite some time and has decided he/she no longer wants anything to do with me. It started with keys falling off and not going back on no matter how hard I try, then the CD Rom Drive (is that it's name?) decided to quit working, and now I get just a black screen. Our (my laptop and I) last moment together is slightly funny, though. I was trying to show Alvi a video of old grandma and grandpa's trying to use computers. They were HILARIOUS. I, of course, thought they were a lot funnier than Alvi did, but that's besides the point. Anyways, right as the video was getting good my screen went black and after several attempts of fixing it, it has made no progress. So, I gave up.

Well, that whole ramble was basically to say that I'm sorry for my absence! I'm visiting the bearded-guy in Mankato this weekend so I'm finally getting a chance to use a computer and write these posts! Yay, technology!

It's been fun dressing all business casual for work. I've been finding ways to work my personality into my outfits, whether it's statement jewelry or a fun hairstyle. How do you find ways to stay out of the work-wear blues?

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