Mixtape: winter roadtrip edition

You'll have to excuse my low quality, slightly askew photos and graphics lately. Relying on my Ipad and phone to make my posts is very frustrating. If anyone has any apps to recommend please do so! Until then, you'll have to bear with me for awhile until I can get a computer and Adobe back into my life!
So anyway, here's my winter roadtrip mixtape that I will jamming to all the way to Lusten!


Weekly Roudup 5/52


Because I will be going out of town tomorrow (I'm headed for a little winter getaway in Lutsen), I decided to post my weekly roundup a little early. Here are five links that got me through this week:

JC Chasez Sings The Lumineers' Ho Hey at some sorority in Southern California. My initial reaction was to judge where his career went but..... just watch.

Vine app is the new latest and greatest, some say. My opinion? I haven't been able to even create a profile! Hopefully they will have it back and running soon

OPI Disney's Oz, The Great And Powerful Spring 2013 Collection was announced. My personal favorites: I Theodora You, When Monkeys Fly and What Wizardry Is This? (it's liquid sand) But who am I kidding? This is the first OPI line that has anything to do with the Wizard of Oz so I'll be buying the whole collection. 

Call me crazy but I would totally rock the overalls in Free People's January 2013 Lookbook 

Have you seen/heard of The Following? Only two words need to be said here: Kevin Bacon. 

Happy early Weekend, friends! 


Loving The Lumineers

I was immediately obsessed with The Lumineers the second I heard Ho Hey and their newest single is 
even better. You will not regret checking out the rest of their EP, trust me.
I'm realllllly banking on them being at Lollapalooza this year. 

honorable mention: Flowers In Your Hair, my personal favorite


No-Obligations Book Club

 I've always been a pretty avid reader but, lately I've been finding myself either re-reading old favorites or long, never-ending series (ie Game of Thrones). I needed to shake things up a bit so in December, I started a book club on Facebook. I didn't really know how to get it started so after some googling I found a lot of "no-obligation" book clubs allowing members the freedom to choose whether they can read that month or not. I liked this idea and ran with it thus creating The No-Obligations Book Club.

The books for February have been chosen:

Head over to the facebook page to join in on the fun. If anything it's great place to find some new books to read! (click here to go to page)



would you.... at home ombre?

It looks like L'Oreal is the first company trying to revamp the ombre trend. For those of you living under a rock, ombre is a technique used to give your hair a dark-to-light effect. Basically, it's a trendy (and lazy...yeah, I said it) excuse for allowing visible roots to be a thing.

I had the impression that ombre was going to be slowly on it's way out the door but L'Oreal came in to shake things up a bit. In February of this year (next month, obviously), they are releasing an at-home dye kit. Personally, I'm scared for the general population. Most people resort to at-home dyes because it's cheap and convenient, but at-home ombre spells out disaster to me. Maybe it's super easy to use and the results turn out fantastic. If so, bravo L'Oreal!

So my question is.... would you use an at-home ombre hair color kit? Tell me below in the comments.



very pinteresting: a place to cook




I literally cannot go onto Pinterest without obsessing over every single home interior board I can find. My latest obsession: kitchens, especially ones with a lot of personality. 

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