Day 11: Love Quotes

I could spend all day quoting love song and quotes. There are so many good ones that can relate to all different memories and moments. The above quote is a lyrics from Atmosphere. It's a lyrics that I've allllllways loved. Have you ever been so infatuated with someone that you could just sit there and stare at their beautiful face? Been there.

This next quote is another favorite of mine from Dr. Seuss. I love this quote because it is SO true. I'm a self-proclaimed weird-o and there's no way I could be with someone who doesn't accept this about me. It's a definite plus if their weirdness compliments mine. (Do I sound crazy or do you feel the same way?) It's so nice being able to be so comfortable around them that you don't have to hide these quirky qualities about yourself.

All of the above were made by myself. What are some of your favorites quotes or lyrics?

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