My Newest Addiction

I made this on my iPad with my new Stylus pen...obsessed. Can't stop doodling. 



It's 12/12/12 and I have a BIG interview today. So nervous, but hoping that this special day will bring me some luck. How are you guys spending this day? Did you know it's the last repetitive day until January 1st, 2101? Better take advantage!


I Mean....

Baby, it's cold

I should be used to this cold weather by now living in Minnesota but, nope. You can find me fireside with Boyd and a good book all winter long.


More Announcements

Guys, I have some fantastic news.
For the last couple of years I've been complaining to just about everyone I know about how I cannot afford a new camera AND computer-two very vital (very expensive) things to me. After some (not so) subtle hints, I think may parents may have gotten me a camera for Christmas. This is a only a guess but if I know my parents well enough than its already wrapped and hidden under their bed as we speak. (Mom, if you're reading this and it actually is under your bed I promise I didn't snoop!) So, if this is true that is one step closer to true happiness for me.

Now, I just have one piece of the puzzle left: a computer. My cousin Vinnie (yes, really. No I've never seen the movie) currently owns a 17" MacBook Pro that is only a year or two old. He's been thinking of upgrading to an iMac and is willing to sell me his laptop at a great price! BOOM- Mission complete!

Anyway, the reason this is fantastic news is because I will finally be able to have all the necessary equipment needed to finally give this blog some much needed TLC. If my Christmas wishes come true, expect a whole makeover on the blog including some great new features I've been working on.

Things are looking up for Stella + Charlie.
(Ps- I wrote this post from my phone! Oh, technology....)
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