Listography: My Life Would Be Incomplete Without...

I saw a quote the other day that made me think about all the little things in life that make me happy. Sometimes I get so caught up that I need to step back and think about how blessed I am. There are some things that I truly value. Not because they all hold memories, but because they make me happy and that's really what's important in life, right? My life would truly be incomplete without these 17 things.

1. Lipstick  - It's such a fantastic, fantastic thing.
2. My puggle, Boyd and our cuddles in the morning.
3. My family, both immediate and extended.
4. My hometown friends.  - I have yet to meet anyone who can compare to them.
5. Beautiful art that inspires me to no end.
6. Leather Jackets.
7. Netflix (Streaming may not have the best choices all the time but it has all LOST seasons and that's good enough for me.)
8. My Itunes library.
9. The feeling I get when I see Alvi.
10. H2O. I love me some water.
11. Books, books and more books.
12. Dreaming.
13. Pen and Paper - I would die without the ability to make notes.
14. Nature/Landscapes. - I could stare all day long. My biggest inspiration.
15. Nostalgic Movies.
16. Watermelon - all day long.
17. Belly Laughs (Hate the name, but you know you love them, too).

You thought I was going to get away with out adding Harry Potter to my list? Well, it's because my life IS actually incomplete right now. I need new books. Queen Rowling, if you are somehow reading this PLEASE listen: You must write a book from Tom Riddle's point-of-view up until the rise and fall of Lord Voldemort. I would die a happy girl. Or at least about the Order of Phoenix.

Wow, am I really this nerdy? (not too ashamed).

Florence Obsession

I love my girl Florence Welch and when I heard her cover of Drake's Take Care I fell in even more love. She's fantastic and I think that she needs to let me borrow that adorable hat.


Etsy Favorites: AfricanGrey

ARE YOU SERIOUS?! this needs to be blown up in my house
I couldn't help myself. There's no way I could talk about my favorite Etsy shops and NOT discuss AfricanGrey! I'm obsessed with dogs and so you can imagine that when I stumbled across this shop that my heart jumped a little. They are so adorable and funny. I'll take one of each!

she does more than just dogs

THIS is brilliant

Dino- Boyd!!

cutest bath ever
Check out her shop here


Etsy Favorites: Yellena

Yellena is SO TALENTED! I feel like I don't even need to give an introduction and just let her amazing work speak for itself. Do yourself a favor and check out her shop here

these colorsssss

I feel like I'm melting


Etsy Favorites: inkylivie

This shop inspired me like no other. This woman has some serious, serious talent. It's shops like this that confirm that this is where I belong - making beautiful designs that take people's breath away. I mean, what? I would buy every single one of these, whether I was getting married or not. Just to stare at them.

Check out her shop here


Etsy Favorites: 1canoe2

The day that I found this shop on Etsy I immediately bought a Letterpress (a Quick Kutz ). I hope that some day I can create some designs as amazing as these ladies. They create some beautifully creative designs. Check out their shop here

These are coasters! All items that are "round". Fabulous

so cute

Add caption

This is great...and I'm from Minnesota


Etsy Favorites: unitedthread

I have a small obsession with Etsy. It's such a fantastic website letting us artists have a resource to reach out to a larger audience. There are so many amazing items that you can find on this website. Most of the time I'm just "window shopping" and I always, always find new shops that are immediately added to my favorites list.

The shop that I'm showing you today has some of the most breath-taking paintings I've ever laid eyes upon. Her color choices, the beautiful feeling the water color gives you, the inspiration she gets from nature, all of it makes my heart skip a beat. I want a house full of these paintings. Seeing them every day would surely put a smile on my face. Enjoy and admire her talent because I know I did. Her shop is here: unitedthread She was even featured on Etsy's spotlight here

Did you know this is a moth? What a beautiful moth.

you're joking? i die


Minimal Movie Posters pt 2

The other day I showed you guys some movie posters that I found on this Tumblr. I've been busy and unable to write some of my previously planned posts so I thought I would post some more of those designs in the mean time.

Not really the best design but this is one of my favorite episodes. DAY MAN AHAAAA


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Mixtape #3: Hip-Hop Favorites

from imgfave

I haven't done a mixtape post in a very, very long time. I go through phases when it comes to music depending on where I am in life at that moment. Going through a breakup? I would probably be listening to Adele or Coldplay. During the winter? I listen to a lot of Fleet Foxes and Bon Iver. Anyway, lately I've really been into hip-hop, especially local, home-grown Minnesotan talent. It makes me feel so proud to say I'm a Minnesota when I listen to how talented some of these rappers are. It also helps that you can relate to the songs and locations they rap about. I remember one summer I was obsessed with Atmosphere's "Number One" because he said in line: "she lived out in Richfield, right off of Portland" and I was obsessed because HEY! I know where both of those are! I'm weird, okay?

So this mixtape is a little compilation of some songs that have been playing on my iPod lately. There may be a lot of the same artists, like Atmosphere, but that's because he has a lot of songs and I enjoy pretty much every single one of them.

1. Became - Atmosphere (love it especially because it's winter now)
2. Dixon's Girl - Dessa
3. I Ate Your Soul - Grieves
4. Blah, Blah, Blah - Brother Ali
5. Oh Baby - Prof
6. Ni****s in Paris - Kanye & Jay Z (had to do at least one song from WTH)
7. Dirty Girl - Felt (had to)
8.  Kelly Kapowski - Prof ft. Slug and Big Zach
9. Anomaly - Prof
10. The Best Day - Atmosphere
11. Larry Dallas - Smoov E (Sorry, I'm not sorry)
12. Lucky - Prof
13. Fuck Food - Tech N9ne
14. House Keys - Brother Ali
15. Elephant - Prof
16. The Loser Wins - Atmosphere (what I call my theme song for my time here at Mankato).
17. Coastin' - Zion I
18. Stop Running - Eligh
19. Drop it on the 1 - Zion I
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