Revamp Your Office Wardrobe

Ever find yourself wearing black day after day? It's easy, slimming, and SO boring. I'm so happy to see that colors are starting to find their way back into people's wardrobes because I sure missed it. At work, it's hard to wear professional attire that show your quirky personality. The best way to do this is by buying basic, classic pieces that can be worn and worn again. All you need to do is accessorize with your own personal touch, such as a bright statement necklace over that chiffon blouse.

blush blazer is a change of pace from the typical black
chiffon blouse can be worn in many ways
navy trousers are classic and step away from the boring black
classic tote is timeless and can be used with most outfits
bright pumps bring life to an otherwise drab outfit
tweed skirt is sexy, yet professional

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  1. The tote and the blazer are amazing! Your blog is so cute!! ;)



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