A Post a Day: 14 Days of Love

I love Valentine's Day! It's an excuse to go on a date with my bearded-beau and it makes me feel all nostalgic (remember decorating shoe boxes?). I know most people are not fans of cupid and his holiday but it's not just for couples. Who says you can't dress up, go out and celebrate with your girlfriends? Trust me, being single doesn't mean you have to sit at home with take-out chinese. In honor of this heart-filled holiday, I thought I would make a post accordingly starting February 1st leading up to the 14th. 
I would love if you joined in and shared your ideas and inspiration! If you do, comment on this post with your blog so I (and others) can go check out what you're posting!

Happy Love Month :)


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    1. Thanks! I thought it would be fun to do. Join in if you'd like :)


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