Work Wear + Apologies

Life has been pretty crazy for me lately. I started a new full-time job two weeks ago (that I LOVE) which has taken up a lot of my time. When I'm not working I'm sleeping or with Alvi which leaves little to no time for blogging. (A blessing and a curse) The other thing is, even if there was time I'm computer-less! My laptop has been around for quite some time and has decided he/she no longer wants anything to do with me. It started with keys falling off and not going back on no matter how hard I try, then the CD Rom Drive (is that it's name?) decided to quit working, and now I get just a black screen. Our (my laptop and I) last moment together is slightly funny, though. I was trying to show Alvi a video of old grandma and grandpa's trying to use computers. They were HILARIOUS. I, of course, thought they were a lot funnier than Alvi did, but that's besides the point. Anyways, right as the video was getting good my screen went black and after several attempts of fixing it, it has made no progress. So, I gave up.

Well, that whole ramble was basically to say that I'm sorry for my absence! I'm visiting the bearded-guy in Mankato this weekend so I'm finally getting a chance to use a computer and write these posts! Yay, technology!

It's been fun dressing all business casual for work. I've been finding ways to work my personality into my outfits, whether it's statement jewelry or a fun hairstyle. How do you find ways to stay out of the work-wear blues?

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