February in an Instant

I may have been without a computer all month, but I have had my handy-dandy iPhone to capture some moments. February is always a great month: Valentine's, our anniversary, and spring is right around the corner. I've had a lot of new beginnings this month, which was very exciting. I'm anxious to see how the rest of 2012 goes. 

one boyd posing for a picture 
two we went to a Prof concert earlier in the month. As you can see, we were extremely close.
three boyd and I went to Indian Mounds Park, our favorite park which has fantastic views of St. Paul
four boyd and I on a walk
five had a small edamame obsession
six bought some new turquoise jewelry at Charming Charlie
seven made some hearty beef strew during the colder days
eight My cousin Vinnie (no, seriously) and his girl, Britni - we had dinner
nine Graduation celebration dinner at Mancini's, a fantastic restaurant in St. Paul. *
ten Currently obsessed with Crystal Light Mojito
eleven We had a going away party for our great friend, Max. He moved to Michigan for a new job at Chrystler! We're so proud of him
twelve I attended my first Timberwolves game

* fun fact: our great Aunt Mary Jane is a Mancini! We get spoiled there :)

* also, just noticed I never numbered a picture up there. It's the pair of TOMS. I've been working adding some lace to a plain pair of navy.

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