would you.... at home ombre?

It looks like L'Oreal is the first company trying to revamp the ombre trend. For those of you living under a rock, ombre is a technique used to give your hair a dark-to-light effect. Basically, it's a trendy (and lazy...yeah, I said it) excuse for allowing visible roots to be a thing.

I had the impression that ombre was going to be slowly on it's way out the door but L'Oreal came in to shake things up a bit. In February of this year (next month, obviously), they are releasing an at-home dye kit. Personally, I'm scared for the general population. Most people resort to at-home dyes because it's cheap and convenient, but at-home ombre spells out disaster to me. Maybe it's super easy to use and the results turn out fantastic. If so, bravo L'Oreal!

So my question is.... would you use an at-home ombre hair color kit? Tell me below in the comments.



  1. There is no way in hell that is a good idea! I would never try that, I would be so scared! :(

    1. Wayyyyyyyyy too risky. It would probably turn out orange and uneven resulting in me spending $100 trying to fix it.


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