Star Struck

Heiruspecs @ the Cabooze, Mpls, MN

I decided that I should probably share this border-line embarrassing story with you guys. I'm pretty sure I've blogged about Prof before but as a refresher he's a local Minnesota rapper that I have well-known obsession with. The other weekend, a group of good guy friends and I decided to go a Heiruspecs show at the Cabooze in Minneapolis. We had been at the show for a few hours and the boys had enjoyed one-too-many adult beverages so we were slowly making our way to the door. At this point, we were standing on the side of the stage (As you can tell by the above picture) and about 5 feet to my left was an exit door. People were coming in and out of it, from what I assume was a smoke-break. For some reason, I felt like turning around to see who was coming and going. At that exact moment  I turned around to PROF LITERALLY RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME.

My natural instinct was to grab him by the arms (slightly creepy, I know) and scream at full volume "OH MY GOD! I'M OBSESSED WITH YOU!" right into his face. He was extremely nice and didn't throw me off, like most people probably would so I asked to take a picture with him. He said yes (I died) but said he was in hurry so I quickly whipped out my phone and shoved it into Alvi's hands telling him to snap a picture of us. Now, I should quickly add that Alvi at this point was three-sheets to the wind and could barely even stand, let alone hold a camera steady to take our picture. Alvi, unaware that that was mother-f***ing Prof in front of us, dilly-dallies trying to figure out how to use the camera on the phone. (He also has an iPhone, I should add so he has full knowledge of how to use one)

Alvi was holding the phone in a way that the back of his hand was covering the little camera hole. (When I later went to look at photos from the night, I had about 8 pictures of the back of Alv's hand). Prof peeled away his fingers so now the camera was exposed and ready to take our beautiful picture (I'm sure we looked fantastic together ;)). But at this exact moment, another friend of ours, Chris, who also consumed numerous cocktails, came stumbling up to help with the picture. His form of help, though was to slap at the phone, causing it to fall out of Alvi's hands and onto the floor of the club. I screamed "NOOOOO!" and Alvi and Chris both threw their hands up in the air and simultaneously said "It wasn't me!" Worst of all? Prof had to leave and walked AWAY!

So now, the depression started to set in as a picked up my now cracked iPhone and realized that I never even got the picture of Prof and I! I didn't talk to Alvi and Chris for a good 20 minutes, but then I got over it. But hey, now when I look at my scratched phone, I think of Prof :)

Prof just announced today on his Twitter page, that he is going on tour to promote his most recent album King Gampo (which is also available to download for free here). So, since I plan on going to at least the Mankato show and potentially the Duluth show I hope that somehow, someway the opportunity to meet Prof will happen once more.

So, Prof, if you're reading this, let's try that again :)

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