MOA Mayhem

This is just embarrassing, Minnesota. Apparently, there was a rumor that Drake and Lil' Wayne were at the Mall of America yesterday. Young adults and "juveniles", as CNN put it, started a fight in the food-court around 4 p.m. causing other brawls to break out around MOA. Now, I have to ask, what the hell is so important about the presence of Drake and/or Wayne that would cause fights? Keep in mind, these kids didn't actually SEE these two they just simply heard that they were somewhere in the mall. I can only imagine the chaos that ensued. The day-after-Christmas crowds were probably outrageous, and then to have a shit-ton of teenagers throwing bows (and apparently chairs in the food court)? Hell no. I would be out of there so fast. I don't deal with the crowds at the Mall of American, anyway but this would just piss me off. I'm pissed off and I wasn't even there. Get your act together, young America.

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