Curly Complications

curls and cat-eyes are my go-to.

My hair is so, so bipolar. It's actually curly... extremely curly BUT I used to hate my curls. From about grade 4 - 8, I straightened my hair almost every day. I know, 4th grade seems a little young to begin straightening your hair, but my mom is a cosmetologist so I was exposed to beauty and fashion at a very early age. Now, you can imagine the damage... it was not pretty. One day in 9th grade I decided to throw some mousse in my hair and call it a day. I went to school that day and people barely even recognized me. I hadn't worn my hair in it's natural state for so long that people didn't even know I had curly hair. From then on, I've embraced my curls. All through high school and college, I would straighten my hair every once and awhile just for a little change but I can proudly say that I have not even taken my straightener out of my drawer in almost two years!

The funny thing is, though, that I've straightened my hair so much, for so long that my hair started to think that it was actually straight. Now, not only can I blow dry it "straight" but I can also just throw in some conditioner and let it air-dry wavy/straight. This used to frustrate me SO much because I lost a lot of curl but now I have learned to love it. I had to remind myself that most people would kill for curly hair and the others would kill for straight hair but for me, I kind of have the best of both worlds!

I recently went for a soft two-tone look that has been pretty popular this year. You can see this look on people like Jessica Biel and Rachel Bilson. Here is a little photo gallery of different celebrities with this look: Two-Tone Trend.

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