Listography: My Life Would Be Incomplete Without...

I saw a quote the other day that made me think about all the little things in life that make me happy. Sometimes I get so caught up that I need to step back and think about how blessed I am. There are some things that I truly value. Not because they all hold memories, but because they make me happy and that's really what's important in life, right? My life would truly be incomplete without these 17 things.

1. Lipstick  - It's such a fantastic, fantastic thing.
2. My puggle, Boyd and our cuddles in the morning.
3. My family, both immediate and extended.
4. My hometown friends.  - I have yet to meet anyone who can compare to them.
5. Beautiful art that inspires me to no end.
6. Leather Jackets.
7. Netflix (Streaming may not have the best choices all the time but it has all LOST seasons and that's good enough for me.)
8. My Itunes library.
9. The feeling I get when I see Alvi.
10. H2O. I love me some water.
11. Books, books and more books.
12. Dreaming.
13. Pen and Paper - I would die without the ability to make notes.
14. Nature/Landscapes. - I could stare all day long. My biggest inspiration.
15. Nostalgic Movies.
16. Watermelon - all day long.
17. Belly Laughs (Hate the name, but you know you love them, too).

You thought I was going to get away with out adding Harry Potter to my list? Well, it's because my life IS actually incomplete right now. I need new books. Queen Rowling, if you are somehow reading this PLEASE listen: You must write a book from Tom Riddle's point-of-view up until the rise and fall of Lord Voldemort. I would die a happy girl. Or at least about the Order of Phoenix.

Wow, am I really this nerdy? (not too ashamed).

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