Mixtape #3: Hip-Hop Favorites

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I haven't done a mixtape post in a very, very long time. I go through phases when it comes to music depending on where I am in life at that moment. Going through a breakup? I would probably be listening to Adele or Coldplay. During the winter? I listen to a lot of Fleet Foxes and Bon Iver. Anyway, lately I've really been into hip-hop, especially local, home-grown Minnesotan talent. It makes me feel so proud to say I'm a Minnesota when I listen to how talented some of these rappers are. It also helps that you can relate to the songs and locations they rap about. I remember one summer I was obsessed with Atmosphere's "Number One" because he said in line: "she lived out in Richfield, right off of Portland" and I was obsessed because HEY! I know where both of those are! I'm weird, okay?

So this mixtape is a little compilation of some songs that have been playing on my iPod lately. There may be a lot of the same artists, like Atmosphere, but that's because he has a lot of songs and I enjoy pretty much every single one of them.

1. Became - Atmosphere (love it especially because it's winter now)
2. Dixon's Girl - Dessa
3. I Ate Your Soul - Grieves
4. Blah, Blah, Blah - Brother Ali
5. Oh Baby - Prof
6. Ni****s in Paris - Kanye & Jay Z (had to do at least one song from WTH)
7. Dirty Girl - Felt (had to)
8.  Kelly Kapowski - Prof ft. Slug and Big Zach
9. Anomaly - Prof
10. The Best Day - Atmosphere
11. Larry Dallas - Smoov E (Sorry, I'm not sorry)
12. Lucky - Prof
13. Fuck Food - Tech N9ne
14. House Keys - Brother Ali
15. Elephant - Prof
16. The Loser Wins - Atmosphere (what I call my theme song for my time here at Mankato).
17. Coastin' - Zion I
18. Stop Running - Eligh
19. Drop it on the 1 - Zion I

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