Lolla Spotlight: Of Monsters and Men

My excitement for Lollapalooza is out of this world. I've been aching to go to the 3-day music festival in Chicago for the past couple of years. It's never been able to work out for what ever reason but THIS YEAR I will finally be going! Have you ever been to a music festival? They are some of my most favorite memories. Music seems to be so much more entertaining outside in a dirty field or park while surrounded by sweaty, wasted people. I realize that might not make it seem too enjoyable, but trust me when I say it's fantastic.

Until the festival in August, I'll be sharing with you some of the bands that will be at Lolla this year. First off, Of Monsters and Men.

song: Love Love Love

(quote about from song: Little Talks * picture source: imgfave)


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