wishful thinking

I'm always so jealous whenever an airplane flies over head. Mainly because I'm standing here in Minnesota, churning butter or cutting down trees (just kidding, we're not all stereotypical Minnesotans) and those people flying are probably on their way to some tropical location. In just a few short hours they'll be basting in the sun, with a fruity drink in their right hand. Complete with a bright paper umbrella, of course. Now, I understand not every one is traveling to some dream location. They might be on their way to Omaha, Nebraska but I like to imagine the latter. (note: no offense to anyone who enjoys Omaha, or Nebraska but I have beef with both the state and that exact city) 

I've done a decent amount of traveling throughout my life but I'm just not satisfied. There are so many great locations to see and people to meet! I love experiencing the different cultures and seeing how different their nature and landscape is from ours here in the North Country. 

I snapped the above picture on my iPhone the other day and added the label myself :) It's a quote that I love and agree with. Source of quote unknown. 

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