Even The Birds Were Bumping

By January, I usually find myself considering moving out of state. Not because I hate Minnesota, if you read my blog you know that I love my hometown state. It's because of WINTER. Winter is only acceptable November - December 31st. Once January 1st hits, I'm no longer cheery and joyful. My "white Christmas" has come and gone and now I'm ready to take down the decorations, melt the snow, and move onto spring. Doesn't spring sound nice? Flowers, sunshine, spring break....

Now, the key word here is USUALLY. I usually want to move, I usually hate January...

But, this winter has been one for the books. The most snow we've had so far was around 2 inches and it didn't last long. In fact, the past two days here in Minnesota, the temperatures have even reached up to 60* in some areas of the state. Something I consider a complete miracle. Every where you looked people were walking their dogs, going for jogs, playing catch, driving with their windows down, etc. ALL signs that spring has arrived. Of course, it's not spring. It's January AND Minnesota, the most bipolar state in the US of A. So, I realize that in a weeks time we'll probably have a blizzard. But, for now I'll take any sunshine I can get.

Above, a classic Atmosphere song called Sunshine.

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