Weekend at Alvi's

Recently, Alvi and I began yet another long distance relationship. When we first started dating, he attended school in Winona, which is over two and a half hours away from where I was in Mankato. We handled the distance well and saw each other almost every weekend. In fact, I feel like it made us closer! We found new ways to connect and it showed us that we're strong enough to last through something that usually tears couples apart.
So anyway, this past weekend I drove down to Mankato to visit Alvi. I was so excited for a weekend of nothing but relaxing and the company of my bearded man. Boyd and I packed up the car and drove the hour and a half to my alma mater. Alvi lives with three other guys so I'm aware that their daily routine usually consists of video games, football games, more video games, and then drinking while gaming. SO, I always come prepared with plenty of activities to keep me occupied.

Above are some instagram moments that I captured over the weekend. From top to bottom, left to right: photo 1: Alvi and I had a nostalgic dinner of corn dogs and classic mac & cheese one night, photo 2: Boyd loves to disappear in the love sac, photo 3: my new journals that I picked up at Barnes & Noble, photo 4: my grocery list I compiled during the football game.

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