Red Bull's Crashed Ice

photo by: @bengarvin

If you live in Minnesota then I'm sure you were either at or watching Red Bull's Crashed Ice in downtown St. Paul on Saturday. They built a quarter-mile crash-course where skaters race to the bottom trying not to break any bones. The skaters could reach up to 40 mph! It was ridiculous... and cold. Us true Minnesotans bundled up in many layers and braved the cold weather to watch hockey players hurt themselves. Classic entertainment, right? It was well worth it, though. Not only was it awesome to see the entire set-up, lights, and some celebs like Travis Pastrana but it was held at one of the most beautiful places in St. Paul. The Cathedral is BEYOND gorgeous during the day, but lit up at night was breath-taking. My favorite part is Summit Avenue, which houses some of the most beautiful and historic buildings. I actually enjoyed the mile and a half walk from our car in the freezing cold (wearing moccasins because I wasn't prepared) because of all the pretty things to look at. Below are some pictures I took on my phone:

Here is a video from Red Bull's page. It shows you a little more about the event:

photo: @bengarvin

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