Minnesota Gems part 2

I didn't learn about Sibley Park until my junior year of college. A friend of mine had gone their with an ex-girlfriend before and knew that I appreciated both nature and animals. Needless to say, I died. We spent an entire afternoon there the day that he took me. Since then, it's been a place that I love to go to get away and become with with... the world. It's a great place to read, go for walks, or just see all the different farm animals.

The Orpheum Theater is one of my favorite places in Minneapolis. The inside is so unbelievably beautiful. A few years ago I attended the broadway show Wicked there with a friend. It was so much fun. It's located in a populated area in downtown Minneapolis so you can grab dinner and drinks before. After if you're still looking for things to do there are plenty of bars and clubs around. 

Dinkytown is another popular are in Minneapolis. Dinky is crowded with college students since this is where most U of M campus buildings are located. There are a lot of cute shops and fun restaurants in this area. Another fun thing about this area is the history! The picture on the left up above is now a tasty restaurant called Loring Pasta Bar. But, it used to be a drug store with apartment buildings up above. It's most famous tenant is.... drum roll please.... BOB DYLAN. Dinkytown is also just a short drive from the Witch Hat Tower, which was Dylan's inspiration for All Along The Watchtower

I know I've talked about Soundset before, but of course I had to add it the Minnesota gems! It's a musical festival that is put on by Rhymesayers. The festival gets bigger and truthfully, more mainstream as the years go on. In fact, just this last year Big Boi performed here. It's a great place to gather with fellow hip-hop lovers to enjoy local talent and the Minnesota sun. 

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