Love Affair with Lipstick

Lipstick has changed my life. I know it sounds silly that something so small and insignificant could make me so happy. I have always been into beauty and fashion. It was hard not to when I had such a hip and stylish Mom! But, it wasn't until college that I dipped my foot into the lipstick pond. I decided one day to finally try on some red lipstick that I had lying around my caboodle (haha, remember those? I still had one at the time). AND OH MY GOD, I was forever changed. I felt so confident and sexy. It was as if I could be wearing a burlap sack and only lipstick and still look fabulous. From then on, I've been in a committed relationship with lipstick.

I've had so many girls compliment me about my lipstick and it always ends with "I wish I could pull it off." I say the same response to every one which is: "YOU CAN!" All it takes is a little confidence and a smile. Oh, and a lip brush and steady hand don't hurt, either. Most girls slap it on their lips, giving them that "just made out" look or sometimes what I like to call the "Kool-aid mustache" which is so not sexy. I use a lip brush, this one to be exact. It was only $1 and works fantastic. I use it to perfect the edges, make straight lines and to be sure that the color doesn't bleed. If necessary, practice the application so you can perfect it when you're ready to rock it.

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