Goodbye Junk Drawer, Hello Organization

Do you ever find yourself digging helplessly in a junk drawer trying to find a paper clip? Every find yourself cursing at the pile of miss-matched tupperware because you couldn't FOR THE LIFE OF YOU find the top to any bottom? You are not alone. Life is messy and we are not making it any easier on ourselves. I'm not saying junk drawers are worthless because were else would you house items like a lint roller? (Necessary for all pet owners) When it comes to small spaces and items the key is: there's a place for everything and everything is in it's place.

The first order of business for you is tackling those old pens. You and I both know that half of those are on their last leg (or note), if that. I have an entire bin of pens and I can bet you a large amount of money that half of those pens don't even work anymore. Why do we constantly feel that throwing it back into the pile will magically make ink reappear inside? 

If you are like the majority of us unorganized Americans then check out Real Simple's Spall Spaces Storage Ideas. It's okay, you can do it!

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