Forever 21's Exclusive Design Collection

The Budget Fashionista recently shared with us some looks from Forever 21's new Exclusive Designs Lookbook. I always have mixed feeling about Forever 21. I love how affordable their clothes are and that there is alway plenty of variety in the stores. BUT HOT DAMN, it's so hard to shop in there. It is always a mess, always packed, always a line wrapping around the store for the dressing room. Is it just a Mall of America thing or is it like that every where? I must say, though, that stepping foot into the 3 story Forever 21 on Michigan Avenue in Chicago was an out-of-this-world experience. I could have spent hours in that place if Alvi wasn't with me (poor guy). There were so many lines and collections that I didn't even know existed! I think I spent the majority of money from our Chicago trip (besides all the money spent on taxis) solely in that store. Worth. Every. Penny.

Check out some more looks here
My favorite that I've seen so far? This black & white striped jacket.

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