Etsy Favorites: Chipmunk Cheeks

Am I the only one who finds themselves browsing through Etsy with tears in their eyes because you're filled with so much envy? There are so many unbelievably talented and creative people in this world. I have like.... 1/60th the creativity that some of these people have. I was browsing through the Paper Goods section of Etsy and happened across this shop called Chipmunk Cheeks. The owner is not only a designer but a florist and you can tell! My jaw was on the floor when I saw these pictures. That elephant? I would have that blown up and hanging in my bedroom in 3 seconds if I could. Keep up the fantastic and imaginative work, Katie!

Go check her out, seriously. Best of all? Most of her prints are only $20. Affordable and adorable, just how I like it. 

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