Minnesota Gems part 1

I recently happened across an adorable blog called Lulu Letty. (I added her button, seriously check her out). But as I was reading and admiring her fashion I noticed that she recently moved to Minnesota! I got so excited that I immediately had to e-mail her (had to) and share with her some fantastic hidden and not-so-hidden gems in Minnesota. There are THOUSANDS. Seriously, I could go on forever.
Anyway, it made me realize I should share some of my favorite places and things with all of you! My list is infinite so I'll add a little at a time. I hope to visit all of these places again and document them for you all to see. Here are a few:

1. Indian Mounds Park in St. Paul. It has a fabulous view of downtown.

2. Nye's Polonaise Bar. It's in North East Minneapolis which is not necessarily the safest neighborhood but there is so much history in this little strip of bars. Nye's has never been remodeled and even has a old school photo booth and live Polish band. It is SO great.

3. Minnesota State Fair - I could go on forever about the fair. It is the most enjoyable place. I am not exaggerating when I say you can get just about anything fried and/or on a stick. We offer more than 70 different types of food on a stick. Candy bars? yes.  Pork chops? Yes. Pickles? Eggs? Pie? Yes, yes and yes. I'm talking EVERY THING. The food is not the only great thing It also brings all sorts of characters to the fair grounds. Every year we break our record of attendance. It is always crazy... always. My favorite part of the fair is the International Bazaar. It is over a dozen little shops from all over the world. So cute, so many fun things to buy. I also enjoy going to the Horticulture building, the beer garden, and seeing all the baby animals. There is so much to do it's unbelievable. In Minnesota or near here and have never been? I highly stress going.

4. Susan G. Komen 3 Day Walk - It's such a moving experience. I was blessed with the ability to raise $2,400 and walk the 60 miles two years ago. I encouraged every one to go to one of these events. Whether its walking, volunteering, cheering on the walkers at a cheering station (they are all in awesome locations throughout the metro), or attending the closing ceremony. It was so touching. I cried all weekend.

All of the walkers held up a shoe to show our love, appreciation, and support to all survivors.

Just some of the walkers walking up to the State Capitol where the ceremony took place. There were thousands of JUST walkers.

5. Target Field - It's the most amazing stadium I have ever been to. I've only been able to go to two games here so far but both times were great experiences. And the views of the city buildings around you? Amazing. Night games are beyond words. There is so much to do and see around the stadium. It's also located in a great area in downtown Minneapolis. Go grab drinks and appetizers at a fun bar (recommend: Kieran's Irish Pub) and then walk to the game.

Foggy, rainy day at the Twins game

Like I said earlier, I have thousands of fun places to go in Minnesota. This is just a small, small portion of suggestions. I'll add them all over time. All images were taken by yours truly.

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