Dad's Day!

Although today is Father's Day it's a sad day for me. This is the first year of my 22 years of life that I haven't been able to spend this day with my amazing dad. I go to school in southern Minnesota while my family lives up in the twin cities. It's not a far drive but with gas prices so high I basically have to take out a loan just to fill up my tank! Any way, my bf Alvi is up in the cities and was able to hang with my family all day long. They had a brunch earlier today and then they're all going golfing. Rough life, huh? So Happy Father's Day to the GREATEST man on this planet. I LITERALLY (gross) wouldn't be here with out him. Below is a picture of us after I walked in the Susan G. Komen 3Day Breast Cancer Walk for my mom! It's not the beeest picture considering I just got done walking 60 miles in the august humidity but I love it regardless :)

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