a new trend to try this summer: peek-a-boo socks

Peek-a-boo socks are my new thing. 
I'm loving them so much. 
All thanks to Ms. Kendi Everyday


Whats sad is that I'm just assuming the summer is going to be cold enough for socks. You're disappointing me, Minnesota!



  1. so beautiful!


  2. p.s. I'm new to blogging and i'd love if you had any tips, how-to's or ideas for me to add to blog?


    1. Hi Samantha! (Nice name ;))

      First of all, thank you for stopping by my blog! I'm still fairly new to blogging myself but in the months that I have been blogging I have learned A LOT.

      My tips would be:
      1. Post Regularly: whether that means once a week or once a day... or even once a month! Your readers will be more likely to check back on your blog if they know when you post.

      2. Read other blogs: You can get some great ideas for posts. Also, make sure to block out a portion of your day (I use my lunch break at work) to comment on blogs - this helps you gain followers!

      3. Pictures! Luckily (I went and checked out your blog) you already have the part down! A lot of people go to blogs for the pictures and not necessarily what the blogger has to "say". Many people see a lot of text and just move onto the next blog. (PS, your pictures are adorable).

      4. Post things you as a reader would want to see. Think about what kind of readers you want coming to your blog (college age girls, moms, designers, etc) and speak to that demographic.

      5. If you have a question, ASK! Google, email a fellow blogger, whatever you have to do. There are so many amazing bloggers out there that are willing to help you with questions you may come across. Google is also my best friend when it comes to blogging!

      6. Find inspiration in everything and everywhere: Pinterest, local news, what your friends are posting/sharing on facebook, etc.

      I hope some of this helps even the teeniest bit!! Don't ever hesitate to email me if you ever have a question or want to talk some more tips!

      Happy Blogging. I can't wait to stop by and check out more of your posts!


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