Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, everyone! I'm so excited that it's Easter because it's truthfully, one of my favorite holidays. Weird, right? Only because we make some of my favorite italian recipes ever. My grandpa always makes 
me my favorite pasta, Chicadil, which is like a handmade Gnoochi. (check out this tasty sweet potato version) My great-grandma used to make it for us kids and it is by far the best pasta I've ever tasted in my life - no exaggeration. It's a lot of hard work to make so my grandpa usually only makes it on Easter (but always makes an extra batch to throw in the freezer for me).
We also make what we call Easter Pizza. I'm telling you, there is no way to describe it to do it justice. You just simply have to try it. It's the most delicious thing ever and it's, of course, only made on Easter so naturally everyone fights for it. I'll try and take a picture and maybe even post some recipes for it later this week.
How will you be celebrating your Easter this year?

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