Day 3: Romantic Movies

I struggled on today's post. There are so, so, so many romantic movies out there! I could name about 10 of them that I enjoy but I decided to not bore you (as much). One romantic movie that I absolutely love is Brigadoon. My mom showed it to me when I was younger ( I had a slight obsession with old classics) and I immediately fell in love. Mainly because I want to find myself in some magical world, like the characters in this movie. 
Of course, I couldn't go without mentioning the three movies that come to most peoples' minds when talking about romantic movies. That is: The Notebook (Um, marry me Ryan Gosling), Titanic, and Dirty Dancing (because NO body puts Baby in the corner). 
What are your favorite romantic movies? Do you like feel-good comedies or ones that make you cry?

Here are the 60 Most Romantic Movies

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