Day 2: Gifts For Her

Day Twooooo. Feeling the love, yet? I know I am. Valentine's Day is always a special day to me, whether I'm single at the time or not. This is because it's also my mom's birthday! Pretty cool, right? My dad likes it because it a). makes it that much easier to remember and b). like killing two birds with one stone. Alvi and I normally don't spoil each other on Valentine's Day. To be honest, we usually go without presents. We instead spend the night making dinner together and then either going to see a movie, or just watching one at home. Lazy, cozy, perfect. BUT, if he just so happens to be reading this I wouldn't mind any of the above ;)
I'd also be completely happy with a small box of chocolates and a kiss. How about you? 

1. nail polish that is not only festive, but spring ready, $2 each
2. extremely pricy but worth these professional brushes, $245
3. I would do the rain dance every day if I had this Betsey Johnson umbrella, $42
4. beautiful journals, $18.95 for set of 3
5. stylish, timeless and small enough for your purse, a Mini Diana Camera, $69.95
6. Share Some Love Headphones, that allow both of you to listen to the same iPod. Cute, huh? $14.99
7. cute, classy Fossil watch, $95
8. fun yoga mats, $17
9. Personalized stationary that is almost too cute to write on, $35 for all 3

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