Day 1: Gifts For Him

I'm so excited that it is FINALLY Day 1 of my 14 Days of Love feature. I have some fantastic stuff to share with you guys. Today's feature is all about gifts for that special man in your life. Whether that might be a boyfriend, brother, father, yadda yadda. All of these above presents are quite reasonable, because I know how hard it can be to work presents into an already tight budget. Hope some of these help you out. What are you giving the main man in your life this year?

1 a vintage alarm clock , $30
Dining Table Ping Pong that for only $29.95, is much more affordable but just as fun
3 NCAA Head covers for his clubs, $39.99
4 a golf ball coat rack , $18, that 
Whiskey Stones that help keep your drink cold without watering it down. Genius. $24.95
6 want to splurge on your man? check out J Crew's Shoe Selection
7 the most amazing mustache mug, only $12.95
8 stylish watch, $145

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