To Kindle or Not to Kindle?

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You may have read by now that I'm obsessed with books and reading. There is nothing better than getting lost in a different world. While reading a book, my life consumes it. I dream about the characters, I relate my life to the plot, I even get sad (and grieve) when the story is over. I know I can't be the only person who is like this. I love the smell and feel of books. Opening that page and diving into a new story full of emotions and memories. Ah, ok I'm sounding crazy.
ANYWAYS - the main reason for this post is that I've been thinking about the pros and cons of an e-reader. My friend, Calli, owns one and so does my dad. I've read one book (the 2nd book of the Hunger Games trilogy, in fact) on one and still have mixed feelings. 
I recently came across an article talking about the 7 reasons why you SHOULD try out an e-reader. Check it out here

What do you guys think? Are you a book or an e-reader fan

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