Music Spotlight: Atmosphere

It was my brother who first introduced me to Atmosphere. They're a local hip-hop group consisting of rap artist, Slug and DJ/Producer, Ant. They have been around since 1989 and continue to create amazing music to this day. Slug, 39, has had some reoccurring themes in his music, which all relate to moments in his life. The themes consist of women, sex, drugs, alcohol, and life lessons.
I have numerous reasons why I enjoy Atmosphere's music. A big reason is because it makes me so proud to know that Minnesota can produce such talent! Slug and Ant have a large appreciation for their hometown state and often rap about the area. (Which is also fun, because you can yell "I KNOW WHERE THAT IS!" when they say She lived out in Richfield, right off of Portland.
Another reason that they are continuously being played on my iPod and in my car, is because of the great stories their songs tell. Slug is a lyrical genius! He captivates you with his words and then Ant keeps your entertained with his hot ass beats. It's... unbelievable. These boys deserve all the success in the world. This right here is true talent.

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