12 resolutions in 2012

I understand I'm a little late on the whole resolution thing. To be honest, I completely forgot to write this post! So anyway, I don't usually make resolutions. I'm more of a "bucket list" type of person. Resolutions seem so intimidating like I'm setting myself up for failure. I decided, though, since this maybe be my last year of life (2012 reference, of course) I should make a list of 12 resolutions for 2012.

1. Quit a bad habit - I have a couple in mind. There are a few habits that if I would quit them, other bad habits would follow suit. If this makes sense at all.

2. Follow my fitness book - I recently read an article about a fitness book that you could purchase. It had you plan out a routine for 8 weeks and you would log your fitness, nutrition, goals and notes inside. I was inspired and created my own version. Maybe one day I'll set up a template and give you guys a copy.

3. Expand my blog - I'm still extremely new to the business so there is still a lot to learn and do. Preferably, I hope to learn html.

4. Read more - I have soooooo many books that are book marked and never finished. I get bored and distracted really easily and then forget about them. I hope in 2012 that I read more and finish some of those damn books!

5. Photo 365 - I read about this challenge on a blog a couple years ago and took a mental note. What you do is simply take a photo every day for an entire year. It will help all types of photographers, whether you're a beginner or advanced. You can learn to get creative and see things in a different way.

6. Get into art school - Fingers crossed.

7. Let go of past negativity - There was a lot of negativity in my life in 2011. I still have a lot of it resting on my shoulders, holding my down. I need to let go of this energy and move on, completely.

8. Drink more water. 

9. Learn woodworking from Grandpa - My Grandpa is always building things for family and friends - book cases, storage, arbors, etc. It's always something I wanted to learn from him.

10. Learn ceramics from Grandma - My Grandma is an extremely talented porcelain painter. She paints some of the most beautiful things! Her forte includes: florals and women... and clowns (slightly creepy but she makes them cute). My mom and I both have thousands of her plates. I use mine to store my jewelry! They're truly amazing. I'll post some pics soon.

11. Take a painting or photography class - Hopefully both.

12. Moisturize - Winter does terrible things to my very sensitive skin. I need to start moisturizing every. day.

What are some of your resolutions? Do you usually stick to them?

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