Thanksgiving Weekend

So, I have been super busy the past week. I moved out of my house in Mankato and moved back into my parents basement (yay). I actually have a pretty nice set up down there. It's just funny because when I was little I ALWAYS begged my parents to let me move down there. My mom continuously said no because she didn't want to have to walk all the way down there to wake me up every morning. (Guilty). Well, wishes do come true because here I am, almost 23 and living the American dream.
Thanksgiving weekend was great for me. To be honest, I'm not a big fan of Thanksgiving. It's a little over-rated to me. I make turkey a lot so it's not really something I "CAN'T WAIT TO EAT!" I have a list of things I'd rather be eating than these foods. What I do love about Thanksgiving is the fact that I get to see all my family and friends. I love being home and visiting with those dearest to me.

Above pictures are Instagram photos from my phone. They are (from left to right, top to bottom):
1. We had a celebratory lunch at Lion's Tap in Eden Prairie after moving. My dad grew up in EP and has a not-so-secret obsession with this city and all the places he enjoyed as a kid, Lions Tap being one of them.
2. I love my mom's home decor. An old camera that sits on a bookcase.
3. My grandma is a china painter and every Christmas she paints each grandchild an ornament. One year, she painted us flying clowns.
4. I use the china that my grandma has painted as small dishes for jewelry.
5. An appetizer my mom put together. It was a tasty treat.
6. Packing up rubber maids of books.
7. Boyd and Alvi took many naps over the weekend.
8. Claire, my friends new Lab-Pit (we think) mix came to visit. Isn't she adorable?
9. Boyd likes to be the guard dog at my parent's house. I like the natural light :)

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