Chicago Trip

Like I said in my previous post, my Chicago trip was so much fun that it was necessary to have an entire post about it. I know, I know, it was almost a year ago but I still cannot get over it. Alvi and I drove there which took about 6 hours for us. We went over New Years weekend so there was a lot of traffic in the city, but that was half the fun. We didn't hold back when it came to indulging so we took many cab rides and went out to eat all day, every day. We did the usual tourist-y stuff: shopping on Michigan Ave, Aquarium, saw the Bean, the pier, etc. We even went to a Blackhawks game when they played the Sharks. Those Hawks fans put Wild fans TO SHAME. Damn, they love to party. For NYE, we went out to a delicious Italian restaurant and spoiled ourselves with fantastic food and wine and then we walked downtown and then to the pier to watch the fireworks. From there we went to some bars and enjoyed some tequila (me) and whiskey (him). Nothing wild, but perfect. SO perfect.

Above pictures (from left to right, top to bottom) are random photos I still had on my computer from the trip:
1. View from our hotel (Sheraton on the river).   2. cheersing to the new year.  3. our tickets - we were so excited.  4. The bean!  5. View of the river.  6. The fog over the city when we first drove in.  7. Fireworks on the pier.  8. Another bean view.  9. Pretty sunset, pretty buildings.

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