All I Want For Christmas...

I'm pretty practical when it comes to Christmas gifts, both giving and on my wish list.  This year, I really couldn't think of anything that I truly wanted other than a new camera or a trip to Europe and only one of those is potentially possible.

On my list this year:
1. I would love a gift card to iTunes, because I love tunes.
2. I would give a limb for this lip palette that Bobbi Brown made for her 20th anniversary. Come to momma.
3. What couldn't be more perfect? I book of lists. My Listography Book from Paper Source.
4. A Barnes and Noble gift card would be greatly appreciated.
5. These earrings made my heart stop. Merriment Earrings from Anthropologie
6. This ring also cause a few palpitations. Dirillo ring from Anthropologie
7. Vintage Map Journals from Paper Source.
8. The most beautiful calendar ever from Paper Source
9. Canon EOS 70D National Camera Exchange

Thanks, Santa :)

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