Music Spotlight: Tristan Prettyman

I've always loved Tristan Prettyman. I had heard of her after hearing her (fantastic and catchy) song with G. Love called "Beautiful." (see below) After hearing that song I did a little research and found some more gems of hers. She recently went through a roller coaster ride of emotions from getting engaged and then splitting up with singer/songwriter Jason Mraz. I was so sad when I heard that they broke up. (I act like we're all close friends) Now, what I'm about to say might make me sound extremely creepy but I'm a fan and I know I'm not the only one doing this. So anyway, I follow TP on Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and pretty much all other social medias. Ever since her break up, us fans have been able to watch her grow and find herself. It's been so damn inspiring. After going through a "break-up" with music, as well, TP is finally back in studios after four long years. Her healing process has led to some fantastic songs. I can definitely relate to all of these songs in one way or another. Above is a video that a fan made for her and the song playing is called "Say Anything" off of her upcoming album.

Thanks, TP, for showing me that it's always important to put yourself first and to be the best "me" I can be! Our body is our temple. 

Visit her Tumblr page (link above) and listen to a raw version of another new song of hers called "Song Number Four". It's a long video (also on Vimeo) so if you'd like to skip to the song skip to 6:20. Enjoy!

Here is a song TP did with Jason:

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