Listography: Favorite Childhood Films

When I was kid, my mom introduced me to classic movies that stole my heart. She showed me films like West Side Story and My Fair Lady. Naturally, I was enthralled in the old beauty. If I were to make a current favorite movies list (which I'm sure I will do in the future) most of these movies would still be on that list. BUT this list is strictly movies that I obsessed over as a child. Now, I grew up in the 90's watching (and loving) every Disney movie known to man. If I added all of the Disney movies I loved this list would go on forever so I told myself to narrow it down to specifics. (I'm slightly confused how Beauty and the Beast didn't make the cut but that's life). Oh, you should also know that I still own and watch most of these on VHS.

In no particular order, except #1:

1. The Wizard of Oz - I should tell you. This movie is undoubtly my favorite movie of ALL TIME. It is number one in my heart always and forever. I would dress as Dorothy (braids, dress, shoes, even a stuffed toto in a basket) and prance around my living room reciting every word. Still could to this day. I've was Dorothy for Halloween easily over 7 years, the wicked witch a few times, and even the Flying Monkey once. 
2. Hocus Pocus - Year long favorite. Me and 2 girlfriends were the Sanderson Sisters for Halloween one year.
3. The Sound of Music - You bet your bottom dollar I own the soundtrack, as well.
4. The Lion King - had to choose this because I recently saw it in 3D and fell in love all over again.
5. Brigadoon - FANTASTIC old film.
6. Grease - Favorite Scene? The slumber party.
7. Little Women - both old and new versions
8. Nightmare Before Christmas 
9.  The King and I
10. Troll in Central Park
11. Alice in Wonderland and Alice Through The Looking Glass
12. Heavyweights - Oh look, a deli meat.
13. Thumbelina
14. The Chronicles of Narnia : The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe - nerd alert
15. The Little Princess - I cry every time. 

I dug up the old Halloween photos. The top picture is Alvi and I. That's my sad attempt at the flying monkey. I made it pretty much that night but hey, people knew what I was and that was enough. The second picture is us as the Sanderson sisters. It was the only photo I could find that was the three of us. You can't tell but my hair is purple, like Mary's, of course. I wanted so badly to carry around a toy vacuum but the bars would have not let me in. A broom had to do. Ah, I miss Halloween (my favorite holiday).

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